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Cyclad finds the right resources to help your business grow through agile approach and innovative ideas.

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We work with international brands.

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Product Manager
Cyclad France

When everything in the world changes, there is no longer any room for the status quo in business. Each sector must seek the best possible sources of optimization and innovation

75% of companies who adopt agile, do it to accelerate software delivery.

87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry.

80% of customers are more likely to purchase products or services, when their brand experience is personalized.


Through our solutions and technical guidance, Cyclad embraces these challenges and seeks to build a better, more sustainable future for our clients and the world.

You just need the right people.

let's talk your needs.

Cyclad Team

At Cyclad, we cover many sectors

  • travel
  • e-commerce
  • e-learning
  • healthcare
  • insurance
  • finance



We have the advantage of our European resources and international network to marry great talent with great projects.

We know the importance which people bring in creating a better, more sustainable future.

The people who…

are international

5 countries
3 continents
From the US
to the Philippines.

use smart solutions

Over 100 assignments completed, even more coming. Agility runs in our blood.

can be your partners

We face all challenges together.
No matter how complex.

We are big enough to execute international projects, yet small enough to remain flexible.

let's talk your needs.

Cyclad Team

Our portfolio is growing day by day.



When you need to increase the revenue by 30% while decreasing e-commerce cost.



When you need to outsource maintenance of the entire travel network



When you need one mobile app for two operating systems


Technical Manager
Cyclad France

I’ve been working with Cyclad for 10 years. Being a consultant with different projects one can see how business changes and grows. Best ideas come from collaboration. Let’s see what works for you.

At Cyclad, we cover a wide range of coding languages and that gives us the flexibility to match the right technical stack to your product's needs

If you don't see what you're looking for ask, either we have it, or we can find the resources to cover your needs.

Sonar Selenium KarmaJasmine Postman JMeter Soap UI RESTJSONXML TypescriptJavaScript AngularReactRedux jQuery ReactiveX HTML5CSSSASS Java NodeJS SQL PHP Wordpress JSP and more… frontend backend testing

When we work together, there is never a mountain too high or a dream too big.

let's talk your needs.

Cyclad Team

Our offices span over 3 continents

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  • Sophia Antipolis


  • Warsaw Katowice


  • Rabat Casablanca


  • Makati



Business Unit Manager
Cyclad Poland

Each project needs unique talent.

We nourish relationships with consultants and manage business goals of our clients.

We make it easy, no matter if you start from scratch or need specific support on the way

We identify
business needs

We create
high-level stack

We select the best
business model

We assemble
the best team

We oversee
the project delivery

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Let’s discuss your ideas. Every great partnership starts with a conversation.

let's talk your needs.

Cyclad Team

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